Northcroft have been serving clients in Australia since 1964, when our first director, Newton Davis, established an office in Sydney in association with Northcroft UK. The name Northcroft has been synonymous with Quantity Surveying for over 180 years.

Today, Northcroft Australia have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle.

We believe that the foundation of any project success is a rigorous methodical approach to cost management, contract administration, to project management and risk management. This ensures we take ownership of our clients’ objectives with a high level of commitment and performance from our staff.

We offer comprehensive services in Quantity Surveying and Project Management. All our services are geared towards:

  • Achieving optimum value for money for project financiers;
  • Providing greater financial bottom-line certainty for complex projects;
  • Reducing the opportunities for construction delays, quality failures and construction claims;
  • Reducing project risks for our clients;
  • Simplifying the project implementation process to minimise risks in delivery.

We believe that the foundation of any project’s success is a rigorous methodical approach to Project Management, Contract Administration and Cost Management. This demands a high level of performance and commitment from our staff, supported by well-established IT systems and efficient management techniques and project monitoring procedures.

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